Why Effectiveness Doesn’t Matter

Posted on 16. Mar, 2010 by in Articles

Some people talk about effectiveness like it’s separate from efficiency. In reality, effectiveness doesn’t matter nearly as much. Why? The definition of effectiveness is “being effective without wasting time”. Therefore:

Effectiveness was already handled in Step 1 of Efficiency!

So the next time you hear “What about being effective?”, you can say matter-of-factly “That was done in Step 1 of Efficiency”.

That’s it :)

3 Responses to “Why Effectiveness Doesn’t Matter”

  1. Tobi Kingsley

    16. Mar, 2010

    Dr Efficiency is the master!

    Anyone who has ever thought “there just aren’t enough hours in the day.” needs this information.

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    24. Oct, 2010

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  3. DrEfficiency.com

    13. Nov, 2010

    The true answer

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