How to use the Google Keyword Tool (Quick Tutorial)

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+ Find the best name for a business, website, article etc.
+ Keyword research for a product or service BEFORE you sell it
+ Analyse competition for a PPC (Pay per click) ad campaign (eg. google adwords)
You want to know what people are searching for

The best keyword research tool that exists
Using the google keyword tool is one part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

* You don’t need a google adwords account to use this suggestion tool

1. Goto and enter “google keyword tool”
2. Click the first link:…
3. Enter a phrase or multiple phrases
4. In “Advanced options”, select your country (optional)
5. Shows your exact search terms PLUS related ones you wouldn’t normally think of
6. Global searches is worldwide. Local searches is for the country you selected previously. The “Competition” column gives you a rough idea of how competitive the google adwords campaigns are for that keyword.
7. You can export to CSV by clicking “Download” in the top left

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