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Posted on 02. Jun, 2012 by in Video Tutorials

Start your logo design here:
+ Create a hot logo for your business, website or even t-shirt
+ It’s important that you get your logo designed right because first impressions count. You have it for ages and use it everywhere…from business cards, website, facebook fan page, youtube channel etc.
+ Where creativity is concerned, this is not the best time to create a company or professional logo yourself or get a free one that isn’t tailored to you. It’s easier to outsource your logo design process.

+ The easy way to design a professional logo is using crowdsourcing.
+ What is crowdsourcing? Using the creative minds of thousands of designers worldwide to build and design a logo for you.
+ Within hours, you can have many hot designs to choose from.

+ Goto
+ Choose your design type
+ You can view the portfolio of previous designs
+ Start your design competition.
+ Designers will tailor your logo for you
+ Provide feedback
+ Choose your winning design
+ Use your professional logo forever and be proud to show it

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