Boomerang for Gmail: Conquer your inbox, send emails later and follow up easily

Boomerang for Gmail: Conquer your inbox, send emails later and follow up easily

Posted on 09. Jul, 2011 by in Articles

Most people deal with their email inefficiently.
They have overcrowded inboxes and they waste their time and energy scanning through old emails or re-reading the same emails many times.

Ideally, your inbox should be at ZERO emails. As soon as you look read an email you should do something with it. But what if you can’t right now? Enter Boomerang for Gmail (it also works for microsoft outlook but it’s not free…doh!).

Installing Boomerang for Gmail

  • Goto:
  • Click “Install Boomerang” (It works for Firefox 3.6+ and Chrome 5.0+. Works with Gmail and Google Apps email).
    • Follow the prompts and instructions
    • A button may pop up at the top of your browser. Click “Allow”.
  • Note: If you login with another computer or another gmail account, you need to install it again.

Setting Preferences

  • Click the “Boomerang” link in the top right hand corner of gmail.
  • Set your preferences.
  • This page also shows scheduled messages.
  • To “Boomerang” a message means email will come IN to your inbox later, whereas “Messages to Send Later” means email will go OUT later.

How to send emails later

There could be many reasons to do this such as reminders to yourself and others or simply impressing your friends.

  • Compose an email, then click “Save Now”
  • Click “Send Later”.
  • Select from the options.
  • Your email will be delivered to your inbox at the specified time.

Cons of Boomerang for Gmail

  • It can take a few seconds to schedule an email.
  • Every now and again it can be a little buggy, but nothing major.


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