PART 1: Domain Name from GoDaddy

  • Many people put off building a website (for business or personal reasons) because they think it’s hard or costly.
  • But in this video tutorial series, we’ll show you the fastest way to make a website, step-by-step with WordPress from scratch (and very cheap).
  • Yes, you could build a FREE website. But for the sake of saving a few bucks, it’s generally not the best way to build a website.

PART 2: Get HostGator Web Hosting

  • In this video we will get cheap web hosting and show you the best way of building a website from scratch in this step-by-step instructional WordPress tutorial.
  • Get 25% off hosting with this 2012 HostGator coupon code: EFFICIENCY (simply enter it during checkout)
  • Follow this link for your cheap web hosting: http://www.drefficiency/hostgator

0:12 – Step 1. Find a Web Host
* Please goto

1:07 – Step 2. Choose a Web Hosting Plan
* Recommend “Baby” plan
* This allows more than1 domain

1:39 – Step 3. Sign Up for Web Hosting (Host Gator)

2:52 – Step 4. Login to Host Gator Control Panel

3:26 – Step 5. Update Name Servers
* Right now, when we goto, it goes to Godaddy.
* We need to Update the name servers to it goes to Host Gator instead.
* A name server converts Domain Names (like into IP addresses (like
* We need to login to Godaddy and change the name servers to the ones that Host Gator has given us.
* After 24 hours, when people type in “”, it will goto Host Gator.

PART 3: Installing WordPress

  • In this video we will Install WordPress so your website will be up and running quickly.

PART 4: Get WordPress Themes

PART 5: Editing WordPress Theme